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Principal Investigators

  • Terry Sejnowski

    Terry Sejnowski

    Computational Neuroscience, from top to bottom

  • Tatyana Sharpee

    Tatyana Sharpee

    Information theory of behavior, from senses and the natural environment to decision-making

Senior Fellow


  • Roger Bingham

    Roger Bingham

    neuroscience and society; science of educating; communication of science

  • Leanne Chukoskie

    Leanne Chukoskie

    Motor systems: Search behavior and physiology in humans and animals

  • Paula Tallal

    Paula Tallal

    Correcting Language Problems Through Neuroplasticity

Research Collaborators

Staff Scientist

  • M. Margarita Behrens

    M. Margarita Behrens

    Developmental dysregulation of fast-spiking interneuron function in psychiatric disorders

Staff Researchers

  • Tom Bartol
  • Jay Steven Coggan

    Jay Coggan

    Synaptic mechanisms and Brain disorders: MCell models of synapses and Neuron models of intrinsic properties and demyelination diseases

  • Claudia Lainscsek

    Claudia Lainscsek

    Chaos and global modeling from a single variable time series

Project Scientist

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Ben Dongsung Huh

    Ben Dongsung Huh

    Motor systems: optimal control theory approach to modeling the motor system

  • Monika Jadi
  • Alex Lang

    Alex Lang

    Computational Neuroscience, Machine Learning, Image Analysis, Theoretical Biology

  • Lyle Muller

    Lyle Muller

    Spatiotemporal dynamics, networks

  • Krishnan Padmanabhan

    Krishnan Padmanabhan

    Single neuron dynamics and computation as related to neuronal diversity, circuit level mapping and analysis of the olfactory system, human stem cell research

  • David Peterson

    David Peterson

    Pathogenesis of dystonia: from striatal synaptic plasticity to abnormal sensorimotor learning

  • Antonio Pinto-Duarte
  • Ben Regner

    Ben Regner

    Intracellular transport: MCell models and microscopy of transport in complicated geometries

  • Saeed Saremi

    Saeed Saremi

    statistical mechanics, machine learning, neural coding

  • Kyongmi Um Simpkins
  • Xin Wang

    Xin Wang

    Inhibitory circuits and neural code: In vivo experimentation and model simulation of inhibitory neural circuits to explore their role in shaping the neural code

Exchange Student

Graduate Students

Lab Administrator

Technical Staff