Neural information and coding workshop 1996


Below are the titles of the talks presented at a meeting that I organized held in March, 1996 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. For a complete program with abstracts of all talks and posters, view abstracts96.

Bill Bialek (NEC)
How do we characterize the neural coding of more naturalistic signals?

Mriganka Sur (MIT)
Dynamic regulation of activity in visual cortex

R. Christopher deCharms (UCSF)
Primary Cortical Representation by Spike Time Coordination

Moshe Abeles (Hebrew University)
Precise Firing Times in the Frontal Cortex

Clay Reid (Harvard University)
The efficacy of isolated and simultaneous thalamic inputs to visual cortex

Jack Gallant (UC Berkeley)
Neural codes for natural vision

Michael N. Shadlen (University of Washington)
Signal, noise, synchrony and redundancy: what do cortical neurons tell each other?

Henry Markram (Weizmann Institute)
Plasticity of simultaneous coupling and decoupling of neocortical pyramidal neurons.

Misha Tsodyks (Weizmann Institute)
Duality of cortical neurons as 'binary' and 'analog' computational elements

Larry Cohen (Yale University)
Multi-cell optical recordings in a situation where a large fraction of the relevant neurons are monitored.

Markus Meister (Harvard University)
The neural code of the retina: adaptation to image statistics

M. J. Berry (Harvard University)
The precision of retinal spike trains

Jonathan Victor (Cornel Univ. Med. College)
Temporal coding and the statistical structure of spike trains in visual cortex: a metric-space approach

Matteo Carandini (NYU)
Cortical gain and spike encoding

Sascha du Lac (UCSF)
Cellular processing of temporal information in the vestibulo-ocular reflex

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