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Independent Component Analysis (ICA) has received a lot of attention recently. The ICA at CNL website shows a variety of ICA research performed in the Computational Neuroscience Laborabory of Terry Sejnowski at The Salk Institute, La Jolla. The goal of this webpage is to provide detailed information for scientists, engineers and industrials about ICA or Blind Source Separation (BSS). The following pages are available:

International Workshop on Independent Component Analysis and Blind Signal Separation
ICA 2001
December 2001. San Diego, USA.


Preface to ICA. Early history.


Introduction to ICA. In particular, the history of ICA, etc.

ICA Projects

There are several projects at the CNL that involve ICA. We develop algorithms and apply them to diverse real data analysis problems. In particular, we are concerned with EEG, ERP and fMRI applications. Other applications are classification problems such as face recognition and lip-reading.

CNL Researchers

We introduce our CNL-ICA team. Please check individual homepages of our group for details and email them for specific requests.

CNL Papers

Here is a collection of ICA related papers from CNL. Check out the abstracts and you can download PS-files.

ICA Code

We have MATLAB code available for different applications. You can download packages for EEG/ERP analysis or simple ICA code for simple blind source separation experiments.


We present some simulations to explain the main idea of ICA. Furthermore, we show real data analysis (EEG artifact removal and fMRI data analysis.


What's HOT in ICA now? We present a collection of unsolved problems in ICA. Also, we discuss problems, ideas and solutions.

ICA Links

Here is a detailed list of links to researchers, institutes and other papers involving ICA.


In the past several years we have collected a series of questions that were frequently asked about ICA. Take a look at them and you may find answers to questions you always wanted to ask. Ask Dr. ICA!

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