Sloan-Swartz Center for Theoretical Neurobiology

Chalk Talk Series


Wed. 2001/10/24, 11:00 a.m. Whee-Ky Ma, Groningen Theoretical Physics 
From String Theory to Consciousness
Thurs. 2001/10/25 Ralph Siegel, Rutgers Neurobiology
Models of topographic maps in the inferior parietal cortex of monkey
Thurs. 2001/11/29
Noon. Sloan-Swartz Conference Room.
Dario Ringach, UCLA Psychology
On the Classification of Simple and Complex Cells
Fri. 2001/12/7
Noon. CNL Conference Room.
Fred Wolf, MPI-Gottingen
Dynamics and stability of orientation pinwheels in visual cortex development.
Thurs. 2001/12/13
4:00 p.m. 
CNL Conference Room.
Ed Lein, Salk Institute
Genetic silencing of specific neuronal populations in 
traditionally nongenetic animal models
Thurs. 2002/1/10 Bernhard Englitz, UCSD-INC
Influence of naturally correlated stimuli on neuronal processing.
Tues. 2002/1/22
4 p.m., Trustee's room
Barry Richmond , NIH
A decoding scheme based on a stochastic online decoder.
Thurs. 2002/1/31
Thurs. 2002/2/7 Theodore H. Bullock (UCSD)
Some questions about waves in the brain.
Thurs. 2002/2/14
Thurs. 2002/2/28 Jochen Triesch,  UCSD (UCSD Cognitive Science)
What you see is what you need.
Friday 2002/3/8
Friday 2002/3/15
Friday 2002/3/22
Friday 2002/3/29
Friday 2002/4/5 Ulrik Beierholm (CALTECH)
The importance of phaselocking for the reliability of spike encoding.
Friday 2002/4/12
Friday 2002/4/19 S.M Sherman (SUNY Stony Brook)
Thalamus & Thalamocortical Interactions
Friday 2002/4/26 Philip Low (UCSD & CNL)
A Few Ideas on Plasticity
Friday 2002/5/3 Henry Abarbanel (UCSD & SIO)
Exploring Synaptic Plasticity: A Phenomenological Model and Consequences.
Friday 2002/5/10
at 11 am
Paul Tiesinga (SALK -  CNL)
How to compute with synchrony.
Friday 2002/5/17 Shankar Subramaniam (UCSD Bioengineering)
Structuring biological knowledge: A prerequisite for integrative systems biology.
Friday 2002/5/24 Klaus Hahn (SRI)
Watching proteins in the wild: New tools to quantify signaling protein activation in living cells.
Monday 2002/6/3
at 4 pm 
Patricia Churchland (UCSD Philosophy)
What happens to free will and responsibility if the brain is a causal machine?
Wednesday 2002/6/12
at 4 pm
V.S. Ramachandran (UCSD Psych)
Synesthetic bootsrapping ; synesthesia  provides  the basis for a grand 
unified theory of  the evolution of language, metaphor and abstract thought.
Friday 2002/6/14 Mark Ellisman (UCSD & SDSC)
multi-scale imaging of the nervous system
Friday 2002/6/21 Larry Squire (UCSD  & VA)
Memory and hippocampus: legend and lore. 
Friday 2002/6/28
Ursula Bellugi (SALK - LCN)
Bridging cognition, the brain and molecular genetics: evidence from Williams syndrome
Friday 2002/7/5
Mike Arnold (SALK - CNL)
TBA (re: robotics)
Friday 2002/7/12 Karen Emmorey (SALK - LCN)
TBA (re: language & cognition)
Friday 2002/7/19 Alex Holcombe (UCSD Psych)
The temporal resolution of binding features, faces, and words
Friday 2002/7/26 Ildiko Aradi (UC - Irvine)
Sloan-Swartz Center chalk talks are informal seminars for discussing problems in theoretical neuroscience and allied fields.  Talks are at 4:00 p.m. in the CNL conference room unless otherwise noted.
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