Binocular visual function in patients patients with a history of monocular optic neuritis: Color and contrast sensitivity

Newman, N.J., Wolfe, J.M., Stewart, M.I., and Lassell, S.
Clinical Vision Sciences 1991, 6(2):95-107.


Fifteen patients with monocular optic neuritis were evaluated with monocular and binocular tests of contrast sensitivity, acuity, color vision, stereoacuity, binocular rivalry, and pupillary function. Averaged across patients, significant binocular summation was found for contrast sensitivity. Significant summation was not found for the Farnsworth_Munsell 100-Hue test. The presence and degree of binocular summation for the Farnsworth_Munsell 100-Hue test was positively corerlated with the degree of impairment on that test. Subjects who made the number of errors also showed the greatest binocular advantage. Binocular summation for contrast sensitivity was not correlated with summation for color vision.