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The images on this page were taken on a hiking excursion on the East Mesa in the Cuyamaca Mountains (Cleveland National Forest) in December 1997.
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00a 1. A very prickly Photo.
2. Looking through a hollow tree stem.
3. On the top of the Mesa.
4. "Kehre Dich um, von diesen Höhen nach der Stadt zurückzusehen!"
(J. W. von Goethe,"Osterspaziergang")
(engl. transl.: "Turn around, to look back toward the town from these heights!")

No town anywhere near here, but worth turning around, nonetheless.
5. Looking across the Mesa.
6. Same sight, different focus.
I could not decide which of these two I liked better.
7. Rolling hills
8. Modern Art by Nature.
And 100% bio- degradable, too.
Actually, at least 70 % bio- degraded already ...
9. Twin Peaks?
10. Could it possibly be any more romantic?
11. Run, or I will get you!
12. Views of the valley,
13. or "Rolling Home".
14. Rock formations.
But I really cannot remember which side should be the top.
15. A little water hole. Tiny rest of
16. what fills this river bed after heavy rains.
17. You cannot really see it on the small version of this photo, but the twigs of this bush are of a most beautiful, almost artificial looking, shiny red-brown.
18. Sunset in the Cuyamacas.
19. Ain't it beautiful?
See the moon in the upper right corner ?

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