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 Currently at the Max Planck Institute, Germany.



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Curriculum Vitae

Andreas Bartels

1992 – 1997          University of Zürich, Prof. R. Wehner (Zürich / Switzerland)

Diploma in Zoology / Neurobiology / Molecular Genetics

1996 – 1997          The Salk Institute, Computational Neurobiology Lab, Prof. T. Sejnowski (San Diego / California / USA)

                              Diploma thesis (NEURON simulations, spike timing and dendritic backpropagation)

1997 – 2003          University College London, Vision Lab, Prof. S. Zeki (London / UK)

                              PhD (Marie-Curie-Fellow) and post-doc (fMRI on visual and affective systems)

2003                      UCSD, ERP Lab, Prof. S. Hillyard (University of California San Diego / USA)

                              UCL-Bogue Fellow (ERP and psychophysics on visual-auditory timing)

2004 – now            Max-Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Prof. N.K. Logothetis (Tübingen / Germany)

                              fMRI of the human brain in natural conditions, motion and ego-motion perception, binocular rivalry, connectivity analyses of cortical areas.

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New stuff:


Movies in the brain:


- Natural Vision Reveals Regional Specialization to Local Motion and to Contrast-Invariant, Global Flow in the Human Brain.

A. Bartels, S. Zeki and N. K. Logothetis (2007).

Cerebral Cortex  (2008), Vol. 18(3), p. 705-717.  




- The chronoarchitecture of the cerebral cortex.

A. Bartels and S. Zeki (2005).

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society London B  (2005), Vol. 360(1456), p. 733-750.  


- Brain dynamics during natural viewing conditions - a new guide for mapping connectivity in vivo.

A. Bartels and S. Zeki (2005).

NeuroImage (2005), Vol. 24(2), p. 339-349.  



- The chronoarchitecture of the human brain - natural viewing conditions reveal a time-based anatomy of the brain.

A. Bartels and S. Zeki (2004).

NeuroImage (2004), Vol. 22(1), p. 419-433.  

(Independent component analysis (ICA) to segregate functionally distinct brain regions.)



-  Functional brain mapping during free viewing of natural scenes
by A Bartels and S Zeki
Human Brain Mapping 21(2):75-83 (2004, online: 2003)

(SPM analysis to correlate brain activity with the intensity of perceived features (color, faces, human body, language).)

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Old stuff:


Common grounds for maternal and romantic love Text Box:  (14. February 2004)


The neural correlates of maternal and romantic love
by A. Bartels and S. Zeki
Vol. 21(3), p. 1155-1166 (2004).


Previous study:

The neural correlates of romantic love
by A. Bartels and S. Zeki
Vol. 17(11), p. 3829-3834 (2000).






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