Alain Destexhe

This site contains articles, movies and demos of computational models developed during the last few years, successively at the University of Brussels (Belgium), the Salk Institute (USA), Laval University (Canada) and at CNRS (France). The topics range from biophysical models of synaptic transmission at the main receptor types (AMPA, NMDA, GABAA, GABAB and neuromodulators), single-cell models of the electrophysiological properties of central neurons (thalamus and neocortex), as well as network models (thalamic and cortical networks).

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Downloadable information about published work or papers in press. Both abstracts and complete copies of the articles can be accessed.


Computer-generated animations of some of the models developed. The original papers are also available. These animations are a good complement to the articles, and in many cases, they illustrate the dynamics of the system much better than any of the published figures...

Demos of Simulations

Source code of the programs that generated some of the figures of the published articles. These demos are running on publically-available NEURON simulator. They can be used as tutorials to learn how to use NEURON, or for teaching or didactic purposes.


Cellular morphologies of thalamic and cortical neurons, to be used with the NEURON simulator. The original papers in which these cells were used are also included.
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